Filling Sweets

For the filling of sweet spreads, nut butter, cake batter, sweet toppings, or even ice cream, the filling machines from the FILLOGY® Flowable Series are available.

Abfuellen von Suesswaren

Chocolate, nougat, caramel, milk cream, etc.

Nut paste, nut butter (smooth or crunchy), etc.

Ice cream, toppings, flowable cake batter, honey, etc.

The filling machine for a lot of "sweet stuff"

Our secret favorite area: filling “paste-like sweet treats” – from chocolate spread, hazelnut spread, sweet milk to cake batter and ice cream. In between, there are also nut creams or nut butter, caramel spread, honey, and ice cream toppings. The products are usually very delicious, but often a challenge to fill because they have varying viscosities and are filled under different production conditions.
One of the most “exotic” uses is certainly the use of a FILLOGY® filling machine for dosing cake batter. A Belgian customer has been using it for years to fill “Gingerbread” dough, which, unlike its German counterpart, is quite liquid.
Often, for products in the “sweet treats” category, a trial filling is advisable.

Sweet Spreads: Filling Chocolate, Nougat, Nut, and Milk Creams

Apart from jam, honey and various chocolate, nougat, nut, and milk creams are probably the most common companions on breakfast tables. There are a variety of honey types that can be filled easily with the appropriate hose set without the need for a product inspection or trial filling.

However, it’s a different story for the various creams. In most cases, we need at least one product sample to assess their viscosity. The choice of a filling machine for peanut butter, for example, heavily depends on its consistency (smooth vs. crunchy). The same applies to chocolate cream. Here, the ingredients, especially the type of fats used, play a crucial role. Different fats have different flow properties at the same ambient temperature, and this fact must be taken into account when selecting the filling machine.

Filling Ice Cream

The filling of ice cream heavily depends on the temperature at which the product is taken from the ice cream machine. The ideal temperature for our machines ranges between minus 4 and 5°C. Ice cream cannot be filled with a hose but must always be filled through a funnel.

Our FILLOGY® Flowable L filling machine is used by ice cream producers to fill freshly prepared, smoothly flowing ice cream mass into convenient to-go containers. The ice cream mass comes out as a chilled “stream” from the ice cream machine and is then poured into the funnel of the FILLOGY® Flowable L filling machine to be dispensed into small packaging units. These packages are stored in deep freeze until they are sold.

Due to technical constraints, filling in the form of ice cream scoops is not possible.

Both our team and our authorized sales partners are available to assist you in selecting the ideal FILLOGY® filling machine for your confectionery needs.