The FILLOGY® modular system

The FILLOGY® concept is consistently modular. This does not only apply to the machines themselves, but also to the possibilities of subsequent (partial) automation. In the event of a defect, the modular design makes it possible to replace individual components rather than the entire machine. This is sustainable and economical.

The base of each machine is the stand with the control unit, which regulates the filling process. This base is combined with a motor. This is where the first stage of the modularity of our modular system comes into play, as the motor is already available in three different versions. The pump head is the heart of the machine. It is easy to remove and clean and can be replaced if necessary. The flexibility in the choice of motor and pump head allows products with different viscosities to be filled with just one machine. Furthermore, we offer you maximum variability with regard to the filling quantity and the containers used by selecting different hose and container sets. Each machine is equipped with drip protection for particularly clean filling. The filling of foaming products can also be realised.

The structure at a glance

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The FILLOGY® modular filling technology

FILLOGY® container sets

FILLOGY® Accessories

The decisive factors for the configuration of your FILLOGY® Neo filling machine are the viscosity and temperature of the product to be filled, the size and number of containers to be filled and the size of the production batch. You can find more information by discovering our product overview. We will be happy to put together a dosing machine specifically tailored to your needs. To do so, please fill out the inquiry form.

General technical data

The following information applies to all configurations of the FILLOGY® Neo:

Rated voltage:

24 V DC (mains adapter for 220V included)

Power Consumption:

30 to 240W

Floor space:

Width 350mm x depth 350mm T
Total height: 700mm (optionally 1,000mm)


With step size 0.1g: 0.1 – 49.9g
With step size1.0g: 50.0 – 32,500.0g

Filling temperature:

2 to 95°C

For machine-specific details, please go to the product pages.

1 FILLOGY® Neo basic unit

The basic unit includes the control unit, the stand and the foot and bracket switch. It therefore forms the basis of your filling machine.

2 FILLOGY® Neo motor

We offer three different motors with different outputs. The viscosity of the filling product is a decisive factor when selecting the right motor. The thinner a product is, the more likely it is that a motor with low power but high speed will be used.

Zahnradpunpenkopf L zur Abfüllung von hochviskosen Produkten

3 FILLOGY® Neo pump head

The pump head draws the filling product from the storage container and dispenses it into the containers to be filled. It can be quickly dismantled with an easy-to-remove connection and then cleaned in the dishwasher, for example.

We offer the following selection of pumps:

Our gear pumps are available in sizes S, M and L. In addition to the type of product to be filled, the filling quantity is also decisive for the selection. The impeller and rotary lobe pumps are particularly suitable for filling lumpy goods. The peristaltic pump head enables high-precision filling of liquids and is particularly quick to replace.

4 FILLOGY® Neo hose sets

If the filling product is to be drawn from large storage containers (e.g. boiling pans or canisters), then one of the hose sets we offer is used.


5 FILLOGY® Neo container sets

We offer various containers for filling small batches or creamy products. The containers are used instead of the tube sets.

Behälterset Flowable L hat ein Fassungsvermögen von 14l

The hopper holds 14 litres and is preferably used for pasty, but also chunky products.

Behälterset Creamy L hat ein Fassungsvermögen von 10l

The container holds 10 litres and is used for creamy products.

6 FILLOGY® Neo accessories

We offer turntables of different sizes to automate your filling process. The turntables can be optionally equipped with different container arranging sets. An open railing offers the option of connecting a collecting turntable, a capping machine and/or a labeller. You can also purchase lifting and weighing modules and agitators to match the system.