Bottling of Oil and Vinegar

Oil Filling Machines

For the filling of oil, vinegar, and essential oils, the FILLOGY® Neo is configured with a product set from the Liquid series. We offer you a compact solution with our small oil filling machine.

Abfüllung von Speiseöl und Essigen

Native plant oils, cold-pressed oils, refined oils

Essential Oils

Fruit vinegars, wine vinegars

FILLOGY® Neo Oil Filling Machine: The suitable filling solution for oil mills and artisanal workshops

As mentioned earlier, one of the product sets from the Liquid series is used for oil filling. An exception is castor oil due to its special properties. However, we also have the appropriate configuration for this oil. The specific product set needed largely depends on the size of the customer’s containers. In general, the smaller the containers, the more precise and slower the filling process. Therefore, once the size of the containers is known, choosing the appropriate oil filling configuration becomes relatively easy.

The Liquid XS product set with the hose pump is ideal for filling containers from 10ml to 500ml. In most cases, this variant is used for dosing small sample bottles (e.g., miniature bottles). Container sizes larger than this are better filled with the Liquid S configuration. Both variants of the oil filling machines can be easily automated if needed.

Some oil mills offer mustard or even pesto as a by-product of their own oil. When dealing with viscosity differences between oil and mustard or pesto, a combination of different product sets is required. Feel free to contact us regarding the filling of mustard or pesto. We will tailor your FILLOGY® Neo filling equipment precisely to your needs.

Filling machine for varying vinegar viscosities

The world of vinegar filling presents its own challenges. The variety of viscosities, from viscous balsamic vinegar to thin variants, requires precise adjustment of the filling machine to each product. Additionally, foaming can occur during vinegar filling. The configuration of the FILLOGY® Neo semi automatic filling machine for your vinegars will be tailored to your specific needs.

In “difficult” cases, we are happy to conduct trial fillings to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Special considerations in the filling of essential oils

Filling essential oils is a unique endeavor that requires precise knowledge of the oil’s basic components, as the corresponding materials must be tailored to the application. The suitable dosing device for essential oils is the FILLOGY® Neo config. Liquid XS. In addition, it is recommended that the oil filling machine has a separate hose set for each essential oil. This effectively prevents unwanted cross-contamination of the different oils.