Bottling of Liqueur and Alcoholic Beverages

Beverage Filling Machines

Achieving the perfect filling of your spirits requires the finesse of our FILLOGY® Neo beverage filling machine.

Abfüllmaschine zur Abfüllung von Alkohol in Flaschen

Spirits, brandies, fruit brandies/spirits, grain brandies

Liqueurs and bitters

Mead and fruit wines

The Ultimate Solution for Artisan Distilleries

For bottling alcohol or distillates, two of the three Liquid-configurations are suitable for equipping the FILLOGY® Neo accordingly. Depending on the container size, the appropriate product set for your FILLOGY® Neo can be selected precisely.

The configuration Liquid XS is best suited for all bottles up to 100ml (known as “shooter” bottles). Larger bottles up to a capacity of 1,000ml are filled using the Liquid S configuration.

In recent years, we have convinced several exclusive distilleries to use our semi automatic FILLOGY® packaging machines.

Similarly, fruit wines and mead pose no problem for our small beverage filling machines.

At this point, it is important to note a technical limitation: due to the pump technology used, we cannot fill carbonated beverages.

Viscosity is key: filling equipment for eggnogs and chocolate liqueurs

Egg and chocolate liqueurs exhibit diverse viscosities, varying greatly across different producers. Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to try the bottling of many different types of egg liqueurs – ranging from thin to pudding-like consistencies. (On our YouTube channel alone, you can find at least four different variations.) In selecting the appropriate configuration of the beverage filling machine, knowledge of these viscosities is essential because not all viscosities can be filled with just one product set.

Bottling cocktails with FILLOGY® Neo beverage filling machines

In the realm of cocktail filling, managing foam formation alongside viscosity presents us with an exciting challenge. Cocktails rich in fruit content tend to foam more than those based solely on alcohol varieties. The presence of cream or egg components exacerbates this phenomenon. However, rest assured, we provide tailored solutions to meet these demands and ensure seamless filling processes for your unique cocktail creations.