Bottling of Liqueur and Alcoholic Beverages

Beverage Filling Machines

Achieving the perfect filling of your spirits requires the finesse of our FILLOGY® Liquid series filling machines.

Abfüllmaschine FILLOGY Liquid XS zur Abfüllung von Eierlikör

Spirits, brandies, fruit brandies/spirits, grain brandies

Liqueurs and bitters

Mead and fruit wines

The Ultimate Solution for Artisan Distilleries

When it comes to filling alcohol and distillates, there’s one name that stands out: FILLOGY®-Liquid Serie. Our machines can be tailored to your specific container sizes, and we’ve had the privilege of partnering with numerous exclusive distilleries over the years who trust our technology.

Fruit wines and mead pose no challenges for our filling machines; we handle them with ease.

One Important Note: No CO2 Beverages! We do want to clarify one technical aspect – our pump technology limits us from filling carbonated beverages.

Viscosity Matters: Tailored for Eggnogs and Chocolate Liqueurs

Eggnogs and chocolate liqueurs come in a delightful spectrum of viscosities, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety over the years. From silky-thin to rich and creamy, we’ve seen it all. Our machines are designed to accommodate this diversity, ensuring that your unique product is filled flawlessly.

Bottling Cocktails

Filling Cocktails presents an additional layer of complexity, considering both viscosity and foaming. Cocktails with a high fruit content or those featuring cream and eggs have their own unique challenges. Rest assured, we have the perfect filling machine to meet these demands, ensuring the quality of your cocktails remains uncompromised.