Bottling of Dairy Products: Filling Milk, Yoghurt and Soft Cheese

The FILLOGY® Neo filling machine is well-suited for this wide-ranging application, as the filling equipment, using various pumps and gears, is capable of filling not only milk and yogurt but also creamy cream cheese.

(Fresh) Milk, Fruit milk, chocolate milk, drinking yogurt, etc.

(Freshly cultured and warm) yogurt, pudding, etc.

Curd, creamy cream cheese, etc.

The Filling Machine for Small to Medium-sized Dairy Farms

The field of milk processing is diverse and, from a filling perspective, quite challenging. It encompasses all viscosities, from liquid to solid – ranging from milk to hard cheese. Using a filling machine only makes sense in the low to medium viscosity range, meaning from filling milk to creamy cream cheese, soft cheese and quark.

Smaller and medium-sized milk processors face the challenge of finding a filling machine for the majority of their products or investing a lot of money in various filling machines. A FILLOGY® Neo filling machine is ideally suited here, as with the different product sets, it can fill both milk and yogurt as well as creamy cream cheese or quark with just one machine.

The following are briefly explained as exemplary product sets for filling dairy products: For the rapid filling of liquid, including hot products in container sizes from 2 liters and above, the FILLOGY® Neo configuration Liquid M is provided. This allows for filling quantities of 350 containers of 2 liters each per hour. Chunky products, including hot ones, can be filled with a product set from the Chunky series, depending on the desired method of product delivery. Connection to the vat is possible. Creamy and no longer flowable, pasty dairy products such as creamy cream cheese are filled with the FILLOGY® Neo configuration Creamy L. Using a so-called float valve, the product is pushed into the pump head and then precisely filled.

If your application ranges from filling milk to yogurt and creamy cream cheese or quark, we are happy to tailor your FILLOGY® Neo to your needs.

Special considerations in milk bottling

From our extensive experience working with customers in agriculture, we are aware that each type of milk can exhibit significant variations in fat content depending on the season. This results in different viscosities that must be taken into account when configuring a filling machine. Additionally, we understand the differences in yogurt production (warm-cultured versus cold-cultured), and we can aptly address these requirements with a FILLOGY® Neo- filling machine.

Semi-automation in filling fruit puree and yogurt

We have successfully implemented semi-automated filling of dairy and fruit products (e.g. yoghurt on a fruit base) multiple times. In this process, two filling machines are mounted consecutively on a turntable. A container magazine on the turntable ensures that two jars are filled simultaneously, one with fruit and one with yogurt. If you are interested, please contact our dealers or us. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements for the filling machine.