Filling of Pet Food and Pet Care Products

Achieve swift and precise filling of liquid and free-flowing pet supply products using FILLOGY® Neo.

Abfüllung von Tierpflegeprodukten und Tiernahrung

Leather care, liquid fish food, etc.

Clay, massage ointments, care balm, etc.

Insect repellent gel, shampoo, etc.

Packaging solutions for pet supplies with FILLOGY® Neo filling machine

In the early stages of FILLOGY® filling machine development, we found a niche in the pet care industry. Our initial client was a pet food supplement manufacturer in northern Germany. Subsequently, we expanded our scope to include filling animal care products such as insect repellent gel and hoof care items. In this sector, product viscosity varies from low to medium. Thus, there are also different configurations of the FILLOGY® Neo for filling the various products.

Suitable product sets for filling thickened, still flowable products from the pet supply sector include the Flowable L set or the Flowable XL set. These products may include clay, kaolin paste, care fats, massage balms, care balsams, insect repellent gel, or shampoo, for example. The main difference between the two sets lies in the product feed. In one case, it is fed through a 14L funnel, while in the other, the product is suctioned through a hose. For filling liquid products such as leather care, fur tonic, electrolytes, or fish food, the FILLOGY® Neo is equipped with the Liquid S product set.

In any case, we recommend a product sampling and possibly even a test filling in order to be able to put together the right filling machine for your requirements.