Filling of Fruit Products

The filling of fruit products is challenging, as the flowability (viscosity) in this area ranges from low to medium. This includes a wide range of products from juice and fruit spreads to puree and mash.

Abfüllung von Fruchterzeugnissen

Fruit juice, smoothies, syrup, etc.

Marmalade, jam, fruit spread and yoghurt, jellies etc.

Creamy quark and cream cheese with fruit, etc.

The filling machine for jam, marmalade and other fruit products

The majority of our customers usually only need one product set for their FILLOGY® Neo for filling a specific type of product, such as jam. Alternatively, customers, often producers or direct marketers, may need at least one additional product set for filling juice or preserves/jams or fruit spreads.

For the vast majority of customers in the fruit processing sector, one of the three product configurations from the Chunky series proves to be optimal for filling chunky and even hot products. For filling batches up to 30kg, the use of the Chunky S product set is usually recommended. In this case, the batch is filled successively through a 14-liter funnel. The configuration Chunky M is often used for filling from the cooking kettle. The product is suctioned directly from the cooking kettle through the hose of the filling machine.  Partial automation of the filling process using one of our turntables is possible at any time.

Each FILLOGY® Neo is assembled according to the individual needs of the customer. Since we have our own metal workshop, we can, for example, enable a direct connection to a cooking kettle. For the filling machine, it does not matter whether it is jam, preserves, or fruit spread. However, we kindly request that inquiries regarding the filling of melon preserves with whole fruits be avoided, as this is not possible due to the small size of the filling machine.

For filling fruit puree in squeeze pouches, we also offer a solution. However, this solution is not automatable.

If you are planning to fill applesauce, please feel free to contact us beforehand. Filling this product, especially if it is coarse applesauce, is not trivial and poses a small challenge. However, we have successfully tackled this task in the past.

Liquid fruit products such as juice or syrup are typically dosed using one of the Liquid product sets.

The final configuration of the filling machine depends on the size of the containers used.

If your product range includes various viscosities – from juice to jam to fruit puree – we or our authorized distributors are ready to assist you in assembling your FILLOGY® Neo filling machine from product sets or individual components.