Filling of Fruit Products

The filling of fruit products is challenging, as the flowability (viscosity) in this area ranges from low to medium. This includes a wide range of products from juice and fruit spreads to puree and mash.

Abfüllung von Fruchterzeugnissen

Fruit juice, smoothies, syrup, etc.

Marmalade, jam, fruit spread and yoghurt, jellies etc.

Creamy quark and cream cheese with fruit, etc.

The filling machine for jam, marmalade and other fruit products

Depending on customer requirements, either a specialised filling machine can be used for a specific type of product, such as jam. Alternatively, customers, often producers or direct marketers, require a versatile machine that can fill both juice and jam or fruit spreads.

For the vast majority of customers in the fruit processing sector, a filling machine from the FILLOGY®-Chunky-Serie proves to be ideal for filling chunky and even hot products.

Nevertheless, each filling machine is also customised according to the customer’s individual requirements. For example, we can enable a connection to a boiling kettle. It makes no difference to the filling machine whether the product is jam, marmalade or fruit spread. We kindly ask you to refrain from enquiring about filling melon jam with whole fruit. This is not possible due to the small size of the filling machine.

We offer a solution for filling fruit pulp into squeeze bags, but this cannot be automated.

If you are planning to fill applesauce, please contact us beforehand. Filling this product, especially if it is coarse applesauce, is not trivial and presents a small challenge. However, we have already successfully mastered this task in the past.

Liquid fruit products such as juice or syrup are usually filled using a FILLOGY®-Liquid-filling maschine. The choice of the right juice filling machine depends on the containers used.

In our “Filling kit for fruit processing” we have provided a dedicated filling machine for each type of product. If your product range includes different viscosities – from juice to jam to fruit purée – we or our authorised dealers will be happy to put together a FILLOGY®-filling maschine for you from the individual components.