Introducing FILLOGY® machines, the cutting-edge creations proudly brought to you by FILLING EVOLUTION GmbH – an esteemed boutique manufacturing company in the heart of Dresden, Germany.

It all began 20 years ago with the development and production of a professional, modular filling machine for honey, proudly marketed worldwide under the brand “Nassenheider.” The overwhelming success of “Nassenheider” ignited a spark of innovation, inspiring us to push the boundaries further and explore new possibilities in modular filling.

Fueled by our passion for excellence, we diligently expanded the concept,  to offer versatile solutions for a wide range of flowable products. Thus, the esteemed brand “FILLOGY®” was born.

Our machines are meticulously crafted by a highly qualified team in Dresden. To ensure uncompromised quality, we procure materials primarily from German manufacturers, with a special preference for local suppliers from our region.

Today, our FILLOGY® machines have traversed the globe, leaving their mark on all continents (except the Arctic and Antarctic). They have found homes in the thriving domains of artisanal producers, medium-sized enterprises, and various departments within big corporations. Our reach even extends to the most exotic corners, with installations in the tranquil Monk’s Republic of Athos and the majestic Kingdom of Bhutan.

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Abfüllmaschine FILLOGY Flowable XL bei der Abfüllung von Tomatensauce

At FILLING EVOLUTION GmbH, our motivation lies in delivering unparalleled added value to our customers. With our machines, we simplify and optimize production flow, ensuring cost-effectiveness that resonates across their entire operations.

Working alongside our customers is a thrilling experience, as we encounter an astonishing array of products from every corner of the world. From fish attractants to wheatgrass juice, and even facial tonic infused with gold and bone glue, our machines embrace the diversity of life’s essentials. We jest that our machines cover everything from life’s inception, like breast milk dosing in university hospitals, to its conclusion, handling formalin filling in pathology departments. The breadth of products we encounter continually challenges our innovative spirit, inspiring us to push the boundaries.

One of our proudest achievements is witnessing 20-year-old machines still returning to us for maintenance. This serves as the ultimate testament to the exceptional quality of our products. At FILLING EVOLUTION GmbH, we embody the true essence of German mechanical engineering, where reliability and longevity are ingrained in every machine we produce.

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