Filling of Vegetable Products

Filling vegetable products presents their producers with a variety of challenges, ranging from the diversity of consistencies to the preservation of nutrients.

Abfüllmaschine zur Abfüllung von Pesto, Senf und anderen stückigen, viskosen Lebensmitteln

Ketchup, mayonnaise, remoulade, etc.

Chutney, pesto, vegetable puree, nut butter etc.

Herb quark, cream cheese, spreads for bread, etc.

The filling machine for ketchup, pesto and many other vegetable products

Vegetable products are naturally diverse in texture – from clear juice, soup, chutney and relish to pesto and porridges.

The range of viscosity in vegetable products, which varies from low to medium, presents a challenge in filling. Liquid vegetable juices require a different configuration of the filling machine compared to thicker purees. Therefore, different product sets of the FILLOGY® Neo are used.

Below are just a few examples of various product sets of the FILLOGY® Neo.

For filling thickened but still flowable products such as ketchup, chutney, mayonnaise, or flowable mustard, the configuration Flowable L is most suitable. In this case, the product is filled using a 14-liter funnel. The batch size should be around 30kg.

The product set Chunky L is suitable for the mentioned products but is used for filling directly from a cooking kettle.

When the FILLOGY® Neo is configured with the Creamy L

product set, it enables the filling of all creamy but no longer flowable products such as vegetable paste, spreads, and creamy quark with herbal content. A so-called float valve ensures the flow of the product.

Trotz dieser vorhandenen Konfigurationen empfehlen wir nachdrücklich in jedem Fall zumindest eine Produktbemusterung, wenn nicht sogar eine Probeabfüllung des jeweiligen Produkts durchzuführen. Denn wie heißt es so treffend: “Erbsensuppe ist nicht gleich Erbsensuppe.” Um Ihre FILLOGY® Neo passend zu konfigurieren, ist ein genaues Verständnis Ihres einzigartigen Produkts unerlässlich.

Despite these available configurations, we strongly recommend conducting at least a product sampling, if not a trial filling of the respective product. As the saying goes: “Pea soup is not the same as pea soup.” To configure your FILLOGY® Neo appropriately, a precise understanding of your unique product is essential.

Through the inquiries of our customers, we have acquired a wealth of experience with the most diverse products over the past decades. These have included exotic products such as seaweed or quinoa pesto, but also hemp juice oder beetroot shots and an award-winning vegetable broth.

If your product range exhibits different viscosities – for example, from soups to vegetable purees – both we and our authorized dealers are ready to assist you in configuring your FILLOGY® Neo.