Automation & Extension

FILLOGY® sets the stage for your business’s future growth.

Embrace the boundless potential of our modular design, granting you the flexibility and adaptability needed to fill various product types and quantities seamlessly.

Moreover, we stand by your side in this journey, collaborating with our trusted partners to provide a range of automation and upgrade options. These solutions empower you to automate your production process gradually or as needed, optimizing efficiency and productivity to meet your evolving demands. Unlock the possibilities for growth with FILLOGY® as your steadfast partner.

Automation & Extension

Embark on the path to automating your bottling process with our diverse range of turntables. Choose from options where filled containers are either collected on the table or transported for further processing through a connected conveyor belt with a convenient side outlet.

Automated capping

Experience the convenience of (partial) automation for capping your containers with our partner’s diverse selection of capping screwdrivers, catering to various capping systems such as screw caps, twist-off lids, or pipette attachments.

Automated labeling

Simplify the process of labeling your containers with the versatile labelers of our business partners, available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic options. Whether your product comes in square or round packaging, our labelers handle it with ease, as long as it has a smooth surface.

Whether you seek to enhance your filling process or require a full-scale solution based on our machines, our distributors are eager to offer you comprehensive and expert guidance, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. We therefore recommend to contact a sales partner in your area.