FILLOGY®: Worth its Price

‘Is this purchase worth it at all?’

One of our customers had been considering the purchase of a filling machine for a long time, particularly with regard to the first question mentioned above. Finally, a student wrote her project work on the topic, taking special account of the conditions in this company.

The studied farm is a family-run goat farm and direct marketer. They produce, bottle and sell their dairy products. Originally the entire production was done by hand. Different types of drinking yogurt, milk and fresh cheese are produced and bottled. The project work concentrated on the process analysis of drinking yogurt, which takes place twice a week.

The study came to the conclusion that the acquisition of a FILLOGY® filling machine would decrease the costs per bottle by ca. 12 percent. In addition, the number of bottles produced annually, and thus also the annual sales revenue, can be increased by around seven percent for the same quantity of product to be filled. ​

Rechnet sich eine Abfüllmaschine?

The cost advantages of the filling machine compared to manual filling resulted mainly from:

  • precise filling quantities: using a FILLOGY® filling machine avoids the overfilling that tends to occur with manual filling. Thus, more containers can be sold at the same amount of product to be bottled.
  • reduction in filling time by 1s per filling operation: this results in lower labor costs per filled bottle. In the case of the dairy farm studied, this corresponded to a saving of nearly 82 working hours per year at only two filling days per week.

Thanks to its modular design, the FILLOGY® filling system can be used for more than just filling drinking yoghurt. The project work therefore concluded that using the machine for dosing other products (milk, cream cheese) further increases profitability.

‘What does a production expansion with FILLOGY® cost compared to the purchase of a monoblock?’

An existing customer approached us with a purchase enquiry for further machines. With his existing FILLOGY® filling machine with Auto M turntable, he fills around 420 jars per hour. He wanted to triple his production capacity to at least 1,200 containers per hour. The customer had already selected a suitable monoblock from a renowned manufacturer. The challenge for us was to achieve the customer’s desired capacity with the limited space available. The customer quadrupled its capacity by adding a second filling machine to the existing rotary table and purchasing another such double filling machine. His conclusion was clear: the purchase of them monoblocks with a capacity of 1,200 containers per hour costs 20% more than the conversion and expansion to two FILLOGY®– double bottling lines with a capacity of 1,600 containers per hour.

Ob FILLOGY® sich auch zum Abfüllen Ihrer Produkte eignet, erfahren Sie hier.