For whom is FILLOGY suitable?

FILLOGY® filling machines have been developed for the special needs of direct marketers, artisan manufacturers and small to medium-sized companies for filling liquid to pasty products.

The filling machines and their peripherals are aimed at

Customers who can no longer fill their increasing production by hand

Customers who are dissatisfied with their currently used filling machine

Existing FILLOGY customers who aim to expand their production

These customers have been filling their high-quality products with FILLOGY® filling machines for several years:

We deliver our machines worldwide, regardless of whether industrialized or developing countries are involved.

Depending on the volume flow of the pump used, the filling machine has acapacitybetween500 and 800 containers per hour.

During the development of the machines, emphasis was placed on easy handling, fast product changeover, easy cleaning and durability. To achieve these properties, we have applied the idea of the modular system to filling machines. Learn more about our modular system.

The filling machines require only little space (60cm²) and can be quickly dismantled and assembled. Neither heavy current nor compressed air is required to operate the machines. All filling machines and the expansion components operate with 24V. You can find an overview of our advantages here.

Due to technical reasons the bottling of products containing CO2 and / or highly corrosive products is not possible.

Alle FILLOGY®-Abfüllmaschinen sind für einen Einschichtbetrieb konzipiert.
FILLOGY®-Maschinen sind preiswert – also ihren Preis wert.