Filling of Cosmetics and Care Products

Cosmetic Filling Machines

The range of cosmetic and personal care products to be filled by our filling machines extends from aqueous solutions, gel-like lotions and shampoos to creams and mascara.

Abfüllung von kosmetischen Produkten

Perfumes, dyes, aromas, face oil, shampoo

Fingernail UV gels, lotions, concealers, polishing gels, hair colors

Creams, body lotion, make-up, ointments, mascara

The filling machine not just for natural cosmetics manufacturers

The variability in the flowability of the products is also quite high in this area. For this reason, there is no single FILLOGY® filling machine that can fill all products. For most creams the only option is the FILLOGY®-Creamy filling machine

For products such as lotion or shampoo, however, things become more difficult. Here, both a machine from the FILLOGY®-Liquid-Serie and a machine from the FILLOGY®-Flowable-Serie can be used. Hence, there is not THE one and only lotion filling machine, but different lotion filling machines.  The actual filling machine needs to be compiled according to the manufacturer’s need.

Perfume filling is also part of cosmetics and is an easy task for FILLOGY® filling machines.

In addition to the products themselves, containers often pose a challenge in (semi-) automated filling processes. Narrow and tall plastic containers have a tendency to tip over when empty before filling. This necessitates a container arranging set, which is placed on the turntable.

Surprisingly for some, foaming of cosmetic products is rarely an issue. It can be effectively managed with a few tricks.

To assemble the right filling machine for your needs, we typically require a product sample, and in some cases, we recommend conducting a filling trial.

In the „Filling kit for cosmetics and personal care products“ we have compiled some sample machines for specific products.

If your products contain beeswax, we strongly recommend testing the filling process. Filling such a product can indeed be challenging, but it is achievable.

We and our authorized dealers are more than willing to assist you in configuring an optimal FILLOGY® filling machine for your cosmetic and skincare products.