Embrace a world of possibilities as our cutting-edge filling technology effortlessly fills and doses an extensive array of viscous products, from liquid to hot, chunky to creamy, and even pasty substances.

Precise bottling of e.g. jam, oil, spirits, cosmetics

Our cutting-edge technology ensures swift and effortless product changeovers, thanks to the easily removable pump unit, enabling you to optimize production with minimal downtime.

Adaptability is the hallmark of our machines, facilitating the seamless filling of products with different viscosities. From milk to yogurt, our FILLOGY machines empower you to conquer diverse filling challenges with utmost ease.

Our modular design enables this unique advantage.

While our core customer base hails from the food, beverage, cosmetics, and chemical industries, we extend our expertise to serve various other sectors as well.

Explore the potential application areas below. Should your specific product or category not be listed, do not hesitate to reach out to us. While our technology is incredibly versatile, it’s important to note that filling products containing CO2 and highly corrosive substances, unfortunately, falls beyond its capabilities. Connect with us to discuss your unique requirements and discover how our filling solutions can best serve your needs.

Abfüllung von Milchprodukten

Dairy products

(Fresh) milk, fruit milk, chocolate milk, drinking yoghurt, etc.

(Freshly inoculated and warm) yoghurt, pudding, etc.

Quark, creamy cream cheese, etc.

Fruit processing

Fruit juice, smoothies, syrup, etc.

Jam, fruit puree and yoghurt, jellies etc.

Quark or creamy cream cheese with fruit pieces, etc.

Abfüllung von Fruchterzeugnissen
Abfüllung von Gemüseerzeugnissen

Vegetable processing

Ketchup, mayonnaise, remoulade, etc.

Chutney, pesto, vegetable puree, nut butter etc.

Herbal cream cheese, spreads, etc.

Oil & Vinegar

Native vegetable oils, cold pressed oils, unrefined oils

Essential Oils

Fruit vinegars, wine vinegars

Abfüllung von Speiseöl und Essigen
Abfüllung von Alkohol und Spirituosen

Alcohol & Distillates

Spirits, brandies, fruit brandies/spirits, grain brandies

Liqueurs and bitters

Mead and fruit wines

Chemical products

Wood glue/water-based glue, precision engineering oil, disinfectant, essential oils, glycerin

Shoe polishes, ointments, gel cleansers

Water-soluble paints/varnishes, liquid cleaners, paints and aromas

Abfüllung von chemischen Produkten
Abfüllung von kosmetischen Produkten

Cosmetic products

Perfumes, dyes, aromas, face oil, shampoo

Fingernail UV gels, lotions, concealers, polishing gels, hair colors

Creams, body lotion, make-up, ointments, mascara

Pharmaceutical products

Tinctures, aqueous solutions

Disinfectants, distillates, etc.

Creams, lotions, wound and healing ointments, etc.

Abfüllung von pharmazeutischen Produkten
Abfüllung von Tierpflegeprodukten und Tiernahrung

Pet care products & food

Leather care, liquid fish feed, etc.

Clay, massage ointments, care balm, etc.

Insect protection gel, shampoo, etc.