We offer you what is probably the most flexible filling machine in the world as well as the associated automation elements.

Filling Machine FILLOGY® Neo

FILLOGY® Neo is used for filling high to low viscosity products – from filling creamy cream cheese, for example, to filling water or alcoholic beverages. 

FILLOGY® Neo is primarily used as a food filling machine, but can also be used in sectors outside food industry, e.g. the cosmetics industry.

Due to the technology used, however, the filling of CO2-containing and highly corrosive products is NOT possible.

The configuration of a FILLOGY® filling machine results from the interaction of the following factors:

  • Viscosity of the product to be filled,
  • Temperature of the product to be filled,
  • Size and number of containers to be filled and


The different viscosities of products are represented by the different motor blocks and pumps of the FILLOGY® Neo. The use of different container and hose sets enables the utilisation of a large selection of different container sizes and different product feeds. The number of containers to be filled determines the degree of automation, e.g. with a turntable. You can find out more about our modular structure and the associated advantages here.

The capacity of a FILLOGY® Neo filling machine results from:

  • the volume flow of the pump used and
  • the time required for a container change (replacement of the containers to be filled).


The volume flow that is actually used when filling the product then depends on the splashing properties of the product to be filled (e.g. hot jam cannot be filled at the highest possible pump speed as it splashes a lot when it hits the container).

As a general guideline, however, a filling rate of 500 to 800 containers per hour can be assumed.

The use of a turntable increases this figure by approx. 30%, as the time required to change containers is reduced compared to filling with a table-top machine.

Turntables for automating and increasing the capacity of the filling process

Automatisierungselement Drehtisch FILLOGY Auto S für kleine bis mittlere Gebinde


Compact turntable with collecting function

Automatisierungselement Drehtisch FILLOGY Auto M mit Gebindearrangierset


Large turntable with bundle arrangement set

Automatisierungselement Drehtisch FILLOGY Auto M mit geschlossener Reling


Large turntable with closed railing

Configuration overview