Filling of Pharmaceuticals

When filling pharmaceuticals, maximum cleanliness and accuracy are essential. The FILLOGY®-Neo filling machine meets these requirements.

Abfüllung von pharmazeutischen Produkten

Tinctures, aqueous solutions, etc.

Disinfectants, distillates, etc.

Creams, lotions, wound and healing ointments, etc.

Precise filling technology for pharmaceutical products

Maximum cleanliness and precision are essential when filling pharmaceuticals.

The FILLOGY®-Neo filling machine in the Liquid XS configuration meets these requirements, designed for precise filling. It fills precisely, but at a slower pace.

The FILLOGY®-Neo is commonly used in various configurations in pharmacies and testing laboratories at pharmaceutical companies. The product range includes thin to viscous products – i.e. all viscosities between water and ointments.

In recent years, the bottling of disinfectants has been the main focus. Depending on the viscosity and container size, we selected a product set for this application from the Flowable-or Liquid-Serie.

For assistance in optimizing the configuration of your FILLOGY® Neo, both we and our authorized dealers are available and ready to help.