Filling of chemical products

The range of chemical products that can be filled with a FILLOGY® Neo machine is broad. It includes low to medium viscosity products that are not highly corrosive.

Abfüllung von chemischen Produkten

Wood glue/water-based glue, precision engineering oil, disinfectant, essential oils, glycerin

Shoe polishes, ointments, gel cleansers

Water-soluble paints/varnishes, liquid cleaners, paints and aromas

Various applications of the FILLOGY® Neo filling machine in the field of chemical products​

With our machines, a variety of low to medium viscosity, non-strongly corrosive chemical products can be filled. Examples include water-soluble paints and varnishes, as well as gel cleaners.

Before configuring a filling machine, we first check the material data sheet for material compatibility. Based on the requirements listed there, we determine the material to be used for the pump head and the hose or container sets.

After that, the machine is assembled based on the viscosity and container sizes.

As an example, consider the configuration Flowable S for filling shoe cream, ointments, or gel cleaners in container sizes ranging from 10g to 100g.

The product set Flowable M enables the filling of water-soluble paints and varnishes, liquid cleaners, or flavors in container sizes ranging from 100ml to 1,000ml.

Please note: Separate precautions must be taken for any necessary ATEX protection.

For advice on filling your chemical product, we or our distributors are at your service with our extensive experience.